Prep and packaging requirements

When sending items to Amazon fulfilment facilities, adhere to these general guidelines. There are additional restrictions particular to some items. Any goods delivered to a fulfilment centre in subpar or illegal packaging may be rejected, sent back, or repackaged by Amazon at your expense.

Any FNSKU you use on a unit must be distinct and relate to a single distinct product. For instance, there must be a unique FNSKU for each assortment category, such as size or colour.

Each unit must have an easily accessible outside barcode that can be scanned or label that combines a barcode with the relevant human-readable digits. See FBA product barcode standards for further details.
All current scannable barcodes on the outside of shipping boxes should be removed, covered, or made impossible to read. For example, to make an existing barcode unreadable, cover it with opaque tape or label it with a black felt-tip pen. This stops the receiving process from unintentionally scanning the wrong barcode.

Unsecured Goods
Each unit must be housed in a single, safe box, including multi-volume book sets.

Units that require Amazon to assemble many sections are not accepted by Amazon (for example, wheelbarrows where the handles and legs are separate, but are sold as one piece).
Unsecured units, such as loose sleeves or pouches, must be packed or fastened with a non-adhesive band or releasable tape.
No matter the material, shoes must be put in shoe boxes or poly bags with a suffocation warning so that the shoe material is not visible.

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